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About Me

Kate Taylor - thats meI am very privileged to work with mothers and babies. I have been in the health service for the last 20 years and have developed a level of expertise in breastfeeding which gives me a sound platform to help advice and support mothers who want to breastfeed. I truly love to give women the help they need to nurse their babies in their chosen way.

How did I become interested in giving breastfeeding advice?

I became interested in breastfeeding during my training to become a Health Visitor and subsequently having my own children. Having attended various Breastfeeding courses and studying under several leading Lactation Consultants I started teaching women about breastfeeding during their pregnancies and established and managed breastfeeding clinics to assist mothers and babies with breastfeeding problems. I undertook the UNICEF training and studied to become a Lactation Consultant in 2008. Since then I have developed a private practice to assist women individually when problems arise.

Why private practice?

I especially like the opportunity and freedom to help mothers in their own homes where they feel most comfortable and give them the time they need to overcome their problems. I tailor my visit to fit in with your needs and maximise the opportunity to address the problem.

The process

A happy smiling baby wrapped in a towelI will need to assess both mother and baby and obtain a detailed history of the birth and relevant medical history. An examination of both mother and baby will normally identify the problem. I offer two visits and follow up phone calls to ensure both mother and baby’s needs are being met. I find that mothers often need one to one support for a number of sessions to build their confidence in new techniques.

Why me?

It gives me immense satisfaction in knowing that mothers I have helped are happier and more confidant in themselves and that their babies are content and settled.  My aim is to ensure that breastfeeding is pain free and enjoyable for both mother and baby. I care passionately about my work. However I never forget that for some mothers establishing breastfeeding can seem very difficult. This is why I am willing to see you late in the evening or at the weekends so that precious time is not lost and wishes are not dashed.


I have a number of areas of interest which relate to breastfeeding. I am interested in the impact of birth on breastfeeding. So many problems relate back to the birth experience.  I teach NCT Relaxation Stretch and Breathe classes to avoid some of the difficulties of a medicalised birth. The work of Nils Bergman and the study of skin to skin care has been important in identifying that the immediate post birth experience is very important in establishing breastfeeding. I offer supportive visits to ensure mothers are given the right help at this special time to make it a rewarding experience. I believe that the close bond between mother and baby needs to be strengthened and nurtured and to promote this aim I studied to become an Infant Massage instructor under the International Association for Infant Massage. I teach infant massage as this promotes the unique bond between mother and baby.

I am very interested in the next stage in baby’s development which is the move to solid food. I am very keen to help mothers through this stage as it can be daunting to new mothers with the huge amount of information written about and discussed by Health Professionals and the wider community.

What areas can you help with?

Most problems are related to poor positioning and attachment. I can address those problems by showing you the right technique and supporting you while A mother breastfeeding her babyyou and your baby adjust to the new techniques. I can help with everything from sore nipples, sore breasts, shooting pains, low milk supply, slow weight gain, referrals for tongue tie, colic, over supply, mastitis and irregular sleep patterns.

I can help established a good sleep pattern that will give you peace of mind and confidence to enjoy your baby. I can demonstrate infant massage strokes to help calm and build a happy settled baby who sleeps well.

I can teach you how to express your breast milk successfully and wean your baby when you are both ready to move on to solid foods.


Dear Kate,

Thank you for your breast feeding support, I am now excluively breastfeeding. I couldn’t have achieved this without your generous support!

From a Grateful Mum

Dear Kate,

I just really would like to thank you for all your help and support. It kept me going in my difficult time…. Breastfeeding is a pleasure now and I am really enjoying it. There is nothing like seeing my son eating and looking at me or when he is feeding and falling asleep in the night.

He has grown soooo much. He is whooping 7kg and is 4.5 months…. I attached pictures as it is hard to believe how much diffrent he looks now to when you saw him last.

A Grateful Mum

The support and advice were invaluable in making me confident enough to successfully breastfeed. Thank you.

Thank you for all your wonderful support today.

I would not have carried on with breastfeeding without your help and ongoing interest.

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