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Weaning is the process of gradually introducing solids to your baby.

There is a lot of confusion about weaning. If you would like more help please do contact me for individual help and support to guide you through this time.

These are some of the topics that you might want to talk about;

Constipation?When to introduce dairy products?Calcium?How many times a day?Baby Led?What do you start with?Frequency?Reflux?Wheat?Gluten free?Problems with dairy products?Allergies?What foods – how to miss out puree?Premature?Introduce solids early?Mother Led?How much?

Why do mothers introduce solids?

A newborn baby asleep

The average 3 month old baby…

The average 6 month old baby…A group of babies interacting

To discuss these facts and the best way to start to wean please do call for a chat and book a session with myself.

More Infomation?

The following two websites provide more information on weaning and introducing your baby to solids.

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The first time you go out to breastfeed take a friend with you to give yourself extra confidence.

Know your rights! The law is behind you to breastfeed in public.

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